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[Irish Castle Magic]
March 17, 2020

I hope you are enjoying St. Patrick's Day, regardless of the unsettling world circumstances! You are most likely staying in and having a toast with your housemates.
We look forward to better times ahead, right? The Irish people have shown the emotional strength of resilience throughout history; that trait seems to be needed now, more than ever.

St. Patrick's captors took him to Ireland and sold him as a slave when he was a teen. He escaped after six years and travelled home to Britain. He returned to Ireland to convert the people to Christianity after his spiritual awakening.

The mountain named Croagh Patrick is near Westport and attracts many visitors making a hike to the top. Some go as a religious pilgrimage and some just enjoy the spectacular views.

I hope you get there one day and persist until you reach the summit. You won't be sorry.

Enjoy your evening quietly celebrating St. Patrick and the Irish.

I hope you are making plans to visit Ireland someday; it's a gorgeous place with wonderful people. In the meantime, visit my website for a taste of the Republic and Northern Ireland. You will find tips and advice for booking your trip and photos to enjoy while you wait. I look forward to seeing you again soon.


All the best,


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