About Me and My Love of Ireland

I began traveling to Ireland in 1998 when my friend Mary and I took a fifteen day trip around the country. We started with a lodging reservation for one night in Doolin, in western Ireland, and went from there as we decided our itinerary day by day.

Cliffs-of-Moher-from-Doolin© Patricia McKinney-Lins

After that first wonderful trip, I couldn't wait to return to Ireland. I took my daughter and son, aged 7 and 10 at the time, back for a month-long stay and have been back for ten more trips, including five solo trips.

Parkes-Castle-Ireland© Patricia McKinney-Lins

My ancestors are from Ireland, and although I have not searched for relatives or family homesteads, I feel completely at home in Ireland.

When I go to Ireland, I spend countless hours taking photographs. The opportunities are endless.

Needless to say, I love Ireland. I love the beautiful landscapes, the stunning coastlines, the quaint villages, the thriving cities and, most of all, the gorgeous, welcoming people.

I hope you will consider a trip to this wonderful country. My advice is to visit soon and visit often!

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